Hiperrealist Painter

Building upon the blank canvas with the pencil, recreating the space occupied by the model, analyzing form, negative space, and chiaroscuro are the first steps in assembling the puzzle.

Loss and discovery are sensations you experience in the drawing process. Understanding what is to be painted and being willing to face frustration help you overcome the challenge.


Project Overexposed

Lorenzo Fernández has chosen to go against the current: this is his way of being contemporary. In the era of technology and digital imagery – where new technologies, graphic tablets, and image processing software define a new “classicism” in painting – this young Madrid-born artist, who practices his art in the manner of the old masters, is on the verge of establishing himself as one of the determinants of the renewal of figurative painting and the contemporary Spanish art scene. He is known for his medium and large format easel paintings that disturb with their realism; works made exclusively with oil and acrylic on wooden panels, without ever resorting to photography or any other mechanical means of reproducing the visible. Keep reading

David Rosenberg, Author and exhibition curator.

On a wooden shelf, composed of three main vertical compartments, each corresponding to a color of the French flag painted in the background, are placed some outdated objects, also perfectly painted. Yes, also perfectly painted. The small propeller located at the top right, the letter “g” from printing on which rests the miniature of an old French plane, and even the sepia-cut photograph of an agent pointing his gun straight ahead, were all done with a fine brush on a wooden panel, without a preparatory sketch, without the aid of photography. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Keep reading

Anne-Laure Peressin